Stephanie Kulesza

Environmental Programs Director, IDA Consulting Services, Inc.


Stephanie received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arkansas in Environmental, Soil, and Water Sciences in December of 2011 and completed her PhD in Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences at Virginia Tech in September of 2015. Her dissertation research focused on the impact of manure injection on nitrogen cycling and antibiotic transport when compared to Virginia’s typical broadcast application. Stephanie moved to Twin Falls, ID in September 2015 to join the Idaho Dairymen’s Association as a Nutrient and Water Management Specialist and was promoted to Environmental Programs Director at IDA Consulting Services, Inc. this year. The Idaho Dairymen’s Association formed IDA Consulting Services, Inc. in 2015 to support Idaho’s proactive dairy industry through hiring in-house resources for nutrient management and manure management related issues. Stephanie is a resource for the dairy industry in Idaho, providing nutrient management planning and environmental consulting services. She is also active in producer outreach and education, coordinating nutrient management workshops every spring and collaborating with extension and ARS scientists to bring new information to the dairy industry.