Colden Baxter

Professor of Biological Sciences, Idaho State University


Colden Baxter is a Professor of Biological Sciences at Idaho State University and President of the Society for Freshwater Science. He grew up ranching, principally in northwest Montana, and received training in biology and geology (BA, Univ. Oregon), ecology (MS, Univ. Montana), fisheries science and philosophy of science (Ph.D., Oregon State Univ.), and food web studies (postdoctoral fellowship, Colorado State Univ.; Hokkaido Univ., Japan). Research conducted by Dr. Baxter and his group of students and collaborators focuses on rivers and streams, but more generally on the ecological linkages between water and land. The group’s studies are aimed at improving understanding of the basic nature of reciprocal connections between streams, floodplains, and riparian forests, the consequences of their disruption by human activities, but also contributing to better-informed conservation and stewardship. Recently, they have begun investigating watersheds as social-ecological systems, asking, for instance, how human perceptions and behaviors influence, but are also influenced by, rivers.