Using Design Thinking as a Framework

Design Thinking is a well-proven method of problem solving that uses empathy for understanding the context of a problem, creativity in identifying insights and possible solutions, and rationality in analyzing and planning various solutions.

For this particular workshop, we are pulling from the Human Centered Design (HCD) Toolkit, which integrates deep social listening into an additive idea building design process, which includes rapid prototyping, community feedback and iteration. This process moves from empathy into creativity, resulting in highly successful solutions, which may include messaging, tools, campaigns and products. To learn more about the HCD toolkit or to download it, click here.

What is Human-centered Design? from IDEO.org on Vimeo.

HCD is broken down into three steps: HEAR, CREATE and DELIVER. The focus of this particular workshop is on the CREATE phase; a design collaboration process that engages diverse stakeholders in co-designing solutions. To ensure that the resulting strategy fits the purpose, we engage empath and various perspectives in the design-phase by having them participate in the design.

Breakout Session Format

The Summit agenda is organized to have a welcome, keynote, full-audience panels, and five topical breakout sessions in which topic experts will introduce the conversation. Each facilitated workshop will have a main Workshop Facilitator (one per topic) and small-group facilitators (one per group of ten). In total we are aiming to have around 50 facilitators. 

Facilitator Roles

The main facilitator role is to help everyone stay focused on topic, move the conversations forward as they get stuck and move between groups, and with the support of a note-taker, documenting and synthesizing highlights to share with the main audience. The small group facilitator’s role is to keep each group on track and manage the conversation within the given timeframes.

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